When you’re considering starting your own business, there are enough considerations to take into account, but when you’re working to start your own ministry, you may not know where to start! That’s where Tekoa Enterprises is here to help by providing mentorship in various lines of industry, as well as professional insight into starting a successful business or ministry. Before you get started with our programming, here are some basic things to consider before starting your business or ministry!

What You’re Offering

First and foremost, you need to have a thorough understanding of what you’re offering to your customers, members, or clients with your business. Whether you’re starting a ministry that is offering a place of worship and peace to your members or you’re running a brick-and-mortar business with products and services, you should have a clear idea of what your customers are going to come to you for once your business is up and running.

Your Target Audience

In addition to understanding what you’re offering, you also need to have an idea of who you’re going to be offering your services or products to. Whether you’re targeting a particular demographic by age, parental status, or economic level, you need to understand your audience on a basic level. This understanding will help you reach that particular target audience as you gain traction with members or customers.

Your Budget

When it comes to business and even ministry, it can all fall apart if finances aren’t in order. Before you start your business or ministry, you should take a hard look at your finances, whether that’s your business credit lines and credit score or if it’s at how much you have available from investors, understanding your budget for your business will help to keep you from overspending on start-up costs.

Market Research

Of course, you should also work to understand your market before you start your business. Are there already more than a few other businesses in your area that have similar offerings? If so, what exactly will help you stand out for customers or members? Doing some basic market research before you get started is key!
Learn more about finding your calling and preparing yourself to start a successful business or ministry with Tekoa Enterprises today!

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