Life is full of ups, downs, twists, and turns. It doesn’t matter how old you are; making a difference for others and staying connected with your Creator can mean the difference between thriving and struggling. At Tekoa Ministries, we live to empower, educate, and evangelize the people around us. We create opportunities, give people the knowledge they need to improve their lives, and make sure they know how profoundly they’re loved. Today, we want to discuss signs that God may be pushing you toward more.

Signs That God Made You for More

If someone asked you about your job, you would say it’s “mind-numbing.”

Depending on where you are in your life, your “job” will look different. Your job may be attending school, raising kids, caring for a loved one, working a traditional occupation, or simply looking for employment. Jesus created us to live life to the full, and that fullness includes our daily life. Whatever you spend your days doing, God has a great purpose for you, and if you don’t feel the passion and drive he wants for you, things may need to change. The problem is, many of us become accustomed to feeling like life is a chore. We don’t feel motivated, but we dismiss the deficit of drive as a normal part of life. While it’s normal for motivation to ebb and flow, if you’re running on next to empty all the time and you can’t see the purpose of your effort, God may be trying to tell you that something needs to change. Don’t settle for anything less than the full life you’ve been promised!

You seem to be surrounded by unhappy people who just make you unhappier.

We’ve all heard the phrase “misery loves company.” Without God’s hope and love, we humans tend to pull each other down despite our best efforts. At the end of the day, only God has the power to keep us afloat through life’s twists and turns, and when you seek out people who love Jesus, you can build a support group who will help you keep your gaze upward. At Tekoa Ministries, one of the main things we do is create community. Our school of ministry, as well as our natural medicine education program, help people build relationships for life while helping them pursue the purposes God has for them. You may be amazed at the improvements you’ll experience when you let God give you the support system you need.

Feeling great is an experience you leave in the future.

Jesus didn’t put you on this earth to live your life thinking “I’ll be happy when…” Yes, we’re supposed to look hopefully toward our futures in Heaven with Him, but our promised “life to the full” begins now.  It’s what Jesus wants for us because when we’re thriving in his love, we can truly help others find that love and learn to thrive in it, too. Maybe you grew up in a family who longed for better days, and you’ve adopted those thinking patterns into your own life. Maybe you used to feel great, but recent circumstances have changed your mind. Remember, hope that has been put off makes the heart sick. If you feel heartsick and you’re getting by with the idea that you’ll feel great someday, it’s probably time to have a talk with Jesus and make some changes.

Your daily life is permeated with an anxiety of varying levels.

A majority of us have heard the verse about being “anxious in nothing.” However, even if you do your best to cast your cares on the Lord as instructed, life has a full menu of circumstances to put you on edge. Eventually, once you get worn down enough, it can be difficult to focus enough to let your stresses go. Anxiety can erode your ability to sleep, recharge, manage your daily activities, and care for those who need you. Many times, we avoid change because it makes us anxious, but if you’ve been living the same way for a while and the anxiety isn’t getting better, it’s time to have a talk with the Lord about what needs to change. He is the source of peace that passes all understanding, so don’t settle for anything less.

You have a short fuse and feel more frustrated than normal.

Do you remember being a happier person, but these days, you’re a tangle of irritation? Maybe people have been asking if you’re okay because you have a thundercloud on your brow even when you’re supposed to be relaxing. Maybe you can see loved ones pulling away or avoiding you because they don’t want you to snap at them. Maybe you just can’t brush off annoyances and frustrations like you used to. You’re loved by a God with infinite resources to send your way, including peace and patience. He also has plans to lead you to places where you thrive. Connect with Him, and connect with us. We would love to talk about where you feel led.

You feel physically run-down.

You may be a spirit, but you live in a body, and when that body gets tired, it can deeply affect your thoughts and emotions. Headaches, stomach pains, sore joints, and other physical issues tend to accompany stress, unhappiness, and anxiety. Again, if your current situation puts you in a difficult place, it may be a sign that God has a new direction for you, one that empowers you to thrive and help others along the way. Tekoa Ministries offers education and evangelical options, and it’s worth figuring out if ours is the direction God has for you.

You often think wistfully of being somewhere else.

Are you glad to wake up where you are? Are you happy to live out your daily routine? God didn’t put us here to simply tolerate our lives, so if you find yourself having to cope just to get through daily life, it’s a sign that you probably need to change things up. You may know exactly what needs to change. You might not even know where to start. Either way, the best place to start is in conversation with God. The Tekoa Ministries team would be happy to discuss the education and evangelism opportunities we offer.

You can’t seem to stop comparing your life to others’.

God didn’t make you like anyone else, so it makes sense that your life would look completely unique. However, if you’re dissatisfied and frustrated with your current circumstances, comparing your life with others is practically automatic. Consistently wishing your life could look more like someone else’s is a sign that you need a change.

You find yourself complaining a lot.

When your brain is full of anxiety, comparisons, dissatisfaction, and stress, it’s hard not to talk about it. Eventually, the only words coming out of your mouth can be complaints. While it’s healthy and normal to discuss issues you’re dealing with, a person happy in the life God has given them won’t feel the need to complain all the time. Leave boredom, frustration, and unhappiness behind by connecting with your Creator. He has a good life planned for you, and Tekoa Ministries may be part of it. We’re here to provide opportunities!

Start a Conversation with Tekoa Ministries

We understand that everyone has a different path, and one of our biggest passions is helping people identify the unique journey God has for them. Whether it’s learning naturopathy, effective evangelism, or more, we are here to provide the tools, support, and community you need in New Hampshire. We believe that it’s our privilege to follow in Jesus’s footsteps, caring for people and meeting their physical needs while providing the Good News that can truly transform them from the inside out. If this sounds exciting to you, don’t sit on it. Learn more about our team, our vision, and all the opportunities we can offer you on our New Hampshire campus today.

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