By: Andrew Jacques,  Garden & Farm Manager, Tekoa Missions

Green Tea for the body

Is known and drunk by man

But the tea that is made

From the slowly decayed

Leaves and plants

Is not so “on demand”.

Yet the garden is greatly benefited

By the tea made from green plant brew.

It is richly and highly stimulated

As in the ground it is poured into.

 Century after century

And year after year

Very many drink their hot cup of tea.

Plants alike have a need

Of the tea

  Made from weeds


To the nose – it is smelly!


You and I should be amazed

To know that

 After seven days

Water mixed with weeds

Within a closed container,

Can produce a funky brew that’s

Full of life, and enzymes too


  And organic matter;

When the gardener’s

Compost-hungry soil

 Is indeed gratified

 With this decomposed “weed tea”

Both his ground and vegetation

Gets a wholesome combination

Of nutrition

Thus his plants grow quite healthy.

So tell me,

Fellow gardener:

Will you choose now,

To give your garden

 Much more than a

Lousy, meager dose.

Of that tea, 

Which is easy,


Yet it is free!?

 Well, if so…prepare to say:


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