By: Jonthue Michel,  Grounds Director & Lifestyle Coach

Jesus loves you this we know,

Because the Bible tells us so.


But do we really know what it means,

To be loved by He who value you above the life of His son.


Do we see this just from our daily readings of His word,

Do we also see it from the things in this earth.


Can we see it even in the pain that we are in,

Can we utter those words even when we lost everything.


It is not just words but a reality,

It is something we can feel, experience & see.


It is something we can breathe, hear & explore,

Even when we can’t see nothing but harsh things we can still see the love of the King.


So when you utter those words to yourself or to others don’t say it lightly,

Say it prayerfully, gently and meaningfully.

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