“Education means much more than many suppose.
True education embraces physical, mental, and moral training…”

A Call To Stand Apart | Ellen G. White


Andre, Director of Tekoa Missions, gave his heart to Jesus at a very early age. He is a graduate of Jones International Institute, Oakwood College and was trained in personal evangelism at George King Institute. Evangelist Waller has a deep passion for the work of God and seeks to train more young workers to enter the missionary field, preparing souls to be reaped for glory when Christ returns. He has a volume of experience in gospel ministry as a literature evangelist, Bible instructor, educator, and evangelism coordinator. The Lord has blessed him with Alpha Waller (his lovely wife) and Nyasiah Channi Waller (daddy’s girl). He enjoys reading, nature, and spending time with his family.


Creative Director/True Success Coach
Stephen Lee’s greatest desire is to make the gospel practical in everyone’s lives. At the age of 18, he was suicidal by a depression of not knowing the purpose of his life. Thankfully, God had reached out to him just in time with the spark of the blessed hope. So after high school, he set out on a journey to spread and live out the hope despite his family’s threats and their rejection of the SDA beliefs. Now, after many years of God-given experiences in preaching, healing, teaching, media, and starting a biznistry, he is passionate about coaching God’s people reach their fullest potential. He uses his knowledge as a biznistry teacher in his role as a creative director for Tekoa Missions.


Health Director

Sarah Jane’s greatest desire is to show young people that a life of service to God is a life of joy and happiness! In her earlier years, she persued a career in pediatrics until she got introduced to medical missionary work, and it was then that her life began to drastically change. Sarah is very passionate about the establishing of hygienic restaurants, and how they can be used to be a center of influence in every community! She uses her knowledge of healthful cookery as the Kitchen Supervisor at Tekoa, as well as her passion for working in the community as the Outreach Coordinator. Her ultimate goal is to inspire an army of youth to hasten Jesus’ coming!

Ola Aladenika

Evangelism Director  

Ola Aladenika is originally from New York.  He gave his life to Jesus in 2012 and is seeking to grow more and more like Him. As a graduate of Tekoa Missions he embodies the principles needed to lead out in soul-winning.  As a lover of the bible and the truths of scripture his unique insights are powerful in training others who seek to win souls to the kingdom of heaven.

Adjunct Professors



Norman McNulty, MD, is a board-certified neurologist practicing in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. Prior to starting his neurology practice, he served for two years as a missionary at the Adventist hospital in Trinidad. He trained at Loma Linda University. He enjoys studying and speaking about prophecy in his free time. He has also been involved in several young adult ministries in the United States. He is married to Joelle, and they have two daughters, Saralyn and Anneke.



Dr. Jim Sharps is a natural health educator, author, lecturer and consultant. He is former President of the Board of Directors of the Self-Healing Research Foundation in San Francisco, a Director of the International Society of Naturopathy, and the Founding Director of Integrated Health Therapies, a California-based natural healthcare facility, which specialized in corrective nutrition, colon hydrotherapy, therapeutic massage, health education and other health services.

Dr. Sharps currently runs a private practice in Columbia, Maryland, and Smithfield, Virginia, specializing in corrective nutrition and natural health education, where he conducts both onsite and teleconsultations. He is also involved in several natural health initiatives including President of The International Institute of Original Medicine (IIOM), a Biblically-based, distance learning Christian Natural Health Institute of Higher Learning. IIOM offers certifications and degree diplomas from the bachelor’s to the doctorate level. His books, Basic Principles of Total HealthConcepts of Original Medicine, and Ways to Wellness Natural Recipe Book are designed to equip and empower his readers with concepts and principles for physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Dr. Sharps holds a Ph.D. and three doctorates: one in Naturopathy, one in Herbology and one in Nutritional Science. He also holds an undergraduate degree in Economics, an MBA in Marketing and Computer Methodology, and he worked for over twenty years in the information technology field for both Fortune 500 and smaller companies. His health training and practice, combined with his corporate, business, and marketing background, offers unique perspectives for a wide variety of audiences.