Tekoa Brings Relief

Tekoa empowers missionaries to serve their communities in the important capacities that bring relief.

Our communities are crying out for relief.  Sin, sickness, and suffering are pervading our society.  There is a need for an empowered people to bring health, peace, and love to our society.    What better way to do that than to provide a training the would bring relief to those who embrace the eternal principles that bring relief.

At Tekoa Missions, we believe that in order to bless our communities we should serve.  Our Optimal Medical Missionary program offers an education that equips youth and adults to serve their communities, restoring body, mind and soul.


Our Mission

A Ministry Designed to Unite the Work: From the Outpost to the City.

To establish an ecosystem where Christ-centered ministries are practically inspired and successfully developed.

About Tekoa

Promoting the harmonious development of the physical, mental, social, and spiritual individual.

Our Vision & Mission

Accommodating the whole individual through life education in vocational skills, healthy lifestyle practices, academic enrichment, and spiritual growth.

Our Board of Directors

Providing opportunities for service and ministry to the local community and humanity at large.


Providing an on-campus, dignified, faith-affirming, and holistic care facility for the elderly and a lifestyle center.

Our Vision

Producing a generation successful in establishing missionary centers and homes around the world. Everlasting gospel is preached, taught, and lived out by these entities. Also, a strong network is formed within the various entities for the revival and strengthening of our church.

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