At Tekoa Missions, we believe that God doesn’t ignore any part of us. If we want to thrive and grow in relationship with him and help others achieve this as well, we need to minister to mind, body, and soul. Simply focusing on teaching or health or fellowship is to miss out on the full life God wants for us. That is why our mission encompasses education, physical health, and fellowship with God. At the end of the day, all of these areas are closer related than most people think!

God gave us the ability to learn, and it is one of our most valuable gifts. When we learn more about God and the tools he has given us, it becomes possible to improve the lives of those around us. At Tekoa Missions school of ministry, we equip our students not only with the “how,” but the “why.” As Ellen White said, “Education means much more than many suppose. True education embraces physical, mental, and moral training.”

When you invest time and energy in education, it’s no small thing. Many of our students work full-time jobs and have families. Adding education can mean significant sacrifices elsewhere, and that is why we teach subjects that not only bring our students closer to God, but equip them with real skills they can use to improve their lives and the lives of others immediately. We understand that you cannot afford an education that doesn’t act as a stepping stone to the next part of your life!

The world we live in may be fallen, but it’s still got a lot of God in it — a lot of good. While modern medicine has made great strides, many times, it’s people trying to replicate what God already does for the body via nature. Man-made replication leads to troubling side effects and high expenses. As a result, many people not only go without the peace of knowing their Creator, they suffer in the midst of nature that could help them if they only had a certified expert on their side. YOU can be that expert!

When you get a holistic medicine education from Tekoa Missions, you come out the other side certified and able to start up your own naturopathic medicine practice. However, that’s not all.

Our curriculum guides you through a deeper understanding of both God and the environment he created for us. That means that you simultaneously learn about natural remedies and the genius behind them all.

This is hard work that will not only get you to a place where you can help others; it will transform your life in the process.

Not only do we guide our students closer to God and the resources he has provided for living to the full, our program includes ministry training and outreach. Too many people have put their relationships with God in one box, outreach in another box, and profession in yet another box. It was not meant to be this way. Instead, embrace God’s full life for your mind, body, and soul. Turn to our naturopathy course and gain the skills you need to reach people where they need it most: their health.

Many times, our ministries are expressed through our practical skills and knowledge. If you want the ultimate preparation for ministry that truly improves people’s lives, contact us in New Hampshire today.

Humans are made up of many different systems, but all of the systems are linked together. Unity isn’t just limited to our organs and tissues; it also applies to our spiritual and mental wellness. When our bodies are healthy, our emotional and mental states tend to improve. As Seventh Day Adventists, we see the body as a temple created by God for God. When we take care of the body and use it the way God meant for it to be used, our overall quality of life increases. However, while harmony between our minds, our bodies, and their Creator looks beautiful on paper, we live in a dirty, broken, struggling world. Many of us come into the world with bodies that need a little extra help right out of the gate!

At Tekoa Missions, we believe that preaching to a sick person and doing nothing to help him or her feel better is an outreach failure. When he was on earth, Jesus healed people practically right and left. He didn’t just talk; he took action. Many times, he took action first, because he knew that his words wouldn’t have any impact without it. We seek to do the same, and you can be part of it in New Hampshire and beyond!

Food gives our bodies the building blocks they need to function. If a person isn’t eating well or at all, there’s practically no point to treatment or other higher-level assistance. Food isn’t optional. That is why Tekoa Missions offers cooking education! We offer classes on our campus, but we can take them on the road and bring them to you, too! We also connect with local soup kitchens and do all we can to support them. We also are diving into agriculture and sell an incredible, healthy trail mix called Mighty Manna. All proceeds support our students. We can even help you fundraise for your own cause!

Many times, the people who need healthcare the most don’t have the resources to reach medical centers, much less pay for care. The Tekoa Missions team learned a long time ago that we need to bring care to people rather than hoping they come to us. That is why we leverage a significant number of medical missions outreaches, including health seminars, consultations, and expos. We want to show people resources they may be ignoring, and our free evaluations help people see how healthy they are (or not). While we minister to people’s bodies, we also minister to their souls because that is what God does.

From accidents to hereditary diseases to addictions, humans are besieged with health problems that make life difficult. We want people to be well in soul and body, and that is why we have developed a vigorous array of outreach and educational opportunities. You can attend them or become part of our medical missions outreach team. Either way, you will see the impact of a true Christian health ministry! We do a lot of Christian outreach for the health of our communities every year, but we have a vision for more, including a health retreat center and a community garden. We invite you to become part of God’s work through Tekoa Missions!

We love how God places opportunities for growth, relief, and change before us all. We want to make God’s vision happen for the people of Newport and beyond. Our ministry faces constant opportunities for growth, and you have the chance to move into these opportunities with us. Whether you’re going through our naturopathy course or attending our health expo, you have the chance to know your Creator better. Why? Because evangelism doesn’t live in a box; it exists in everything Tekoa Missions does.

We started out as a group of families who realized that we could make a real difference by glorifying God. We realized that many people, especially young people, don’t know their Creator. That is why we provide balanced, Bible-based teaching and mentoring in New Hampshire. We are excited to offer Tekoa On-Demand, a deep well of free Bible lessons, free online sermons, and other Christian education resources you can use to walk closer with the God who loves you. No matter where you are in your life’s journey, our resources will enrich every day. Sign up and dive in!

Part of what makes life with God so exciting is discovering your purpose. Humans all want to have a purpose, to know why we’re here, and when we build a relationship with the God who created us, everything becomes exhilaratingly clear. Whatever your mission may be, we are here to help equip you to move forward in your calling and get closer to God. This is the way to a fulfilled soul!

You can be a missionary no matter what your profession is, but if you feel called missions specifically, we can help you there, too. We offer a challenging curriculum designed specifically for missionary training called F.I.R.E., which stands for Fully Integrated Restoration Evangelism. We train our students to work with local organizations, engage with people on an authentic level, and work to win their souls. By tending to mind, body, and soul, we can reach people for Christ. Whether you feel led to support us financially or get a naturopathic medicine certification through us, the opportunity is there for you! We encourage you to pray about how God wants you to get involved today!