“Our philosophy of Fully Integrated Restoration Evangelism (F.I.R.E.) will primarily focus on a specific local territory in union with a local church.”

Tekoa Missions

About F.I.R.E.

Here at Tekoa Missions, we emphasize a balanced, Bible-based curriculum. This balance is maintained through a blending of a challenging academic program and a vigorous practical program through Fully Integrated Restoration Evangelism (F.I.R.E). This one-year program focuses on preparing the missionary for a life of service in his or her respective field.

What is F.I.R.E.?


It is imperative that we take an active role, together with our Lord, in meeting the physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual needs of our churches and communities. Complete restoration is what Christ offers, and this is what we are to accomplish in His strength. Revive us again, reform us forever!


Localized full integration is needed now. Local conferences, local pastors, local members, and institutions working in specific areas with specific goals in mind will accomplish a work impossible to accomplish in any other way.


A restored church restores communities. For us to be taken seriously by the secular mind, we must take God seriously as Seventh-day Adventist Christians. By employing sound principles to engage humanity, God will fill His church with the required Spirit to fulfill the proclamation of the final message of mercy to a perishing world.


Evangelism is not a department, event, or activity; it is a lifestyle. Every individual, family, church, and community must be reached. They cannot be reached until we who have, and continue to experience, a loving relationship with God go and reach them. Winning souls, our own and others, must be our first and last priority.

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