Working the soil is one of the best kinds of employment, calling the muscles into action and resting the mind. Study in agricultural lines should be the A, B, and C of the education given in our schools. This is the very first work that should be entered upon. Our schools should not depend upon imported produce for grains, vegetables, and the fruits so essential to health. Our youth need an education in felling trees and tilling the soil as well as in literary lines. {6T p. 179}

But One stood in our midst who said: “You are making a great mistake which you will have cause to regret. This land is not to be occupied with buildings except to provide the facilities essential for the teachers and students of the school. This land about the school is to be reserved as the school farm. It is to become a living parable to the students. The students are not to regard the school land as a common thing but are to look upon it as a lesson book open before them which the Lord would have them study. Its lessons will impart knowledge in the culture of the soul. {6T 181.2}


“If you should allow the land near the school to be occupied with private houses and then be driven to select for cultivation other land at a distance from the school, it would be a great mistake and one always to be regretted. All the land near the building is to be regarded as the school farm, where the youth can be educated under well-qualified superintendents. The youth who shall attend our schools need all the land near by. They are to plant it with ornamental and fruit trees, and to cultivate garden produce. {6T 181.3}

“The school farm is to be regarded as a lesson book in nature from which the teachers may draw their object lessons. Our students are to be taught that Christ, who created the world and all things that are therein, is the life and light of every living thing. The life of every child and youth who is willing to grasp the opportunities of receiving a proper education will be made thankful and happy while at school by the things upon which his eyes shall rest.” {6T 181.4}

Agriculture is important to us at Tekoa

We believe that all students benefit from labor in God’s outdoor school, the Garden. There are five main areas of benefit that come from gardening:

  1. Strengthening of physical frame while resting the mind.
  2. The opportunity for student and teacher to connect.
  3. The privilege of observing the growth and development of God’s creation and learning the Biblical principles that apply in all areas of life.
  4. Learning how to take care of a garden and to take care of personal needs, thus reducing the cost of living and enabling more funds to be directed toward helping others.
  5. Learning how to take care of a garden that is able to produce a product that can be sold in the market, supporting our health food stores, restaurants, etc.
  6. Sweet communion with our Creator in His classroom.
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