“True education means more than taking a certain course of study. It is broad. It includes the harmonious development of all the physical powers and the mental faculties. It teaches the love and fear of God and is a preparation for the faithful discharge of life’s duties”

Ellen G. White


When they attend Tekoa, all student missionaries are guaranteed an experience in Evangelism. Cooking schools, health expos, health consultations, canvassing, Bible studies, praying with people, participating in community service, preaching, and more are necessary for the holistic development of each missionary.

Manual Labor

Hard work is not something to shy away from. Every missionary will be given the opportunity to learn a trade or skill that they will be able to take away from Tekoa and use in the spreading of the gospel and possibly in self-support. The opportunity is there for all to become proficient in their tasks to become better acquainted with themselves and better equipped for hardship in missionary work.

Tekoa Training CenterStudy Life

School work is not easy; it is challenging on the most fundamental teachings of the scripture. Each student has the privilege of studying and understanding such topics as the Sanctuary, Medical Missionary work, Evangelism, Church History, Prayer, and more. The student-teacher relationship allows for personal explanations and availability that helps each missionary grasp each subject.

Tekoa missionary training centerMissionary Governance

We believe that everyone who comes to Tekoa comes with a focus to do a great work for God. With that in mind, we in trust each missionary to have self-governance. We also encourage opportunities for leadership and group regulation under inspiration. We have seen a great development of personal responsibility as we treat each missionary as an individual.

Tekoa Ministries missionary training centerFellowship

There is nothing sweeter that fellowship. It is especially sweet when that fellowship is centered in Christ. At Tekoa, students have opportunities to develop friendships for life. There is no question that challenges arise when people are learning to understand each other. However, there is nothing sweeter than a friendship forged in fire.


Nature is God’s second inspired book. With ready access to beautiful rivers, mountains, hills, and gardens, Tekoa Missionaries have many opportunities to examine this book. There is so much Bible study and missionary outreach going on that it becomes a necessity to find time to unwind and spend time with each other and with God.

Tekoa School Year Application