Become Vision Builders


In scripture, there are key people that understand the times in which they live. They understand prophecy and see the state of society and wisely prepare and build in preparation and expectation of the needs of themselves and the people.

CONSIDER NOAH. He understood a storm was coming and prepared an ark fo the saving of his family. His actions of faith were a testimony to the world that God has followers who are willing to invest when material eyes cannot see the vision.

CONSIDER JOSEPH. God gave him visions, dreams, and favor. When given the opportunity and position, he wisely made provision for a nation and it’s surrounding regions ahead of a prophesied drought. Because of his faithfulness, nations were spared and the family of the coming Messiah was spared.


CONSIDER YOURSELF. You too can see the state of society and know that there is preparation and action that need to take place. You see the work that Tekoa Missions is seeking to do and you are willing to invest in the VISION in order that many can be won to Jesus. In this case, you become a Vision Builder, one who prays and invest monthly in the cause of God. Most Vision Builders give $50 dollars or more per month, thus helping to advance and empower the movement, but you are not limited to that dollar amount. Give and support as the Holy Spirit leads.