By: Andrew Jacques,  Garden & Farm Manager, Tekoa Missions Green Tea for the body Is known and drunk by man But the tea that is made From the slowly decayed Leaves and plants Is not so “on demand”. Yet the garden is greatly benefited By the tea made from green plant brew. It is richly and h…Read More

  2. Jesus Loves You

    By: Jonthue Michel,  Grounds Director & Lifestyle Coach Jesus loves you this we know, Because the Bible tells us so.   But do we really know what it means, To be loved by He who value you above the life of His son.   Do we see this just from our daily readings of His word, Do we also …Read More

  3. Health: Vitaminosis and 6 Ways to Avoid it

    By: Queenette Jenkinson, Administrative Assistant  Vitaminosis although not a new term, is new to many hearers. At first encounter, it make evoke a chuckle as it seems to be a farcicle term or a tongue in cheek jab at those who are health conscious. This article will discuss the condition and how t…Read More

  4. Recipe – Roasted Tomato Bisque

    By: Sarah Jane Victor,  Director of Health Outreach, Tekoa Missions   It’s summer time, and if you have a garden, you know what that means: more tomatoes than you can keep up with! Sure you can use them in your salads, make marinara sauce, ketchup, can them, and even share them with your nei…Read More

  5. Biznistry – Currency of Heaven

    By: Stephen Lee, Creative Director, Tekoa Missions & True Success Coach   The first account of what we know as 24 hours is found in Genesis 1:5. Here "God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day." I often wondered why God cr…Read More