1. An Inspired Solution

    We at Tekoa approach health and healing using a Biblical philosophy. The Bible is replete with principles that demonstrate a particular care and consideration for the holistic health of the human family. I am not going to argue points and try and to convince any of you that the Bible is divinely ins…Read More

  2. The Richest Nation, The Poorest Health

    What image first comes to mind when considering malnutrition? Well, most of us immediately think of starving children in third world countries that we see on T.V. infomercials or on humanitarian atrocities of times past. What we need now to understand when talking about malnutrition/badnutrition, is…Read More

  3. What About Today’s Crisis?

    Many of us consider health and healing to be a profession outside of our range, something that is better left to licensed experts and other qualified persons. Even many medical professionals are not in tune with their practical needs, options and the governing principles, as it pertains to our overa…Read More