What is Tekoa on Demand?

Tekoa on Demand is an online resource that provides Tekoa classes, sermons, handouts, notes, and programming for those looking to be trained, inspired, and activated for service.

Why Tekoa On Demand?

The times in which we live are solemn and important. There is need of training and preparation mentally, physically, and spiritually. We, at Tekoa Missions, are dedicated to ensuring that all of God’s people have the opportunity to receive that training and preparation. Tekoa on Demand is one of those simple ways to train, inspire, and prepare those who want to know God. Join the family below.

Spread the Word

You can be a part in spreading the gospel by inviting your friends, family, and frenemies to become members of Tekoa On Demand. All are welcome to enjoy the one year complimentary membership. Spread the word today.

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  • As my desire grew stronger to finish the work, I realized that I needed some sort of education on how to be able
    to properly do the last day work.

  • Tekoa Missions is one of the reasons my wife and I are so compassionate for souls. The time at Tekoa was such a spiritual and uplifting experience.

  • When I say Tekoa has made a life changing impact, I don’t mean it just for the sake of a promotion. Because God was leading the school programs, I had the education I truly needed.


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