Tekoa Missions began when a group of young families came together with a single purpose to glorify God. Each of the founders led by God through varying circumstances and experiences. They came to see the great need for the youth to be rightly trained nd embarked upon a journey to set up a school based on the Inspired model. This school has grown into an powerful missionary program that trains people, young and old, from all over the world. By God’s grace no less than 200 souls have been converted to Christ via various kinds of missionary outreach. Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of truth filled literature has been distributed, dozens of cooking schools given, and countless health education seminars and spiritual revival meetings conducted throughout the globe.

Tekoa started out solely as a missionary school and has now grown into a multifaceted evangelism program that encompasses education, enterprises, community service, comprehensive health education and total evangelism. It is amazing how God is leading, and all the glory belongs to Him.